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Finding Inspiration in Every Word

About Us

At Jenka, we put our clients first. Our personnel will work around your schedule to best suit your needs and can help you wherever you are in the world.

Our company started from humble beginnings with our founder, Jennifer Jenka, writing resumes on the side while she raised her twin boys all while dealing with her health issues. From there she began writing articles and other website content and soon she had a portfolio that helped get her foot in the door with a few companies along the way.
After years of honing her craft, Jenn decided to go branch out applying to more companies and almost overnight, the need for
her services seemed to blossom.

"I started getting more contracts than I could deal with. Then, together
with my son, Ryan, we decided to take a go at rebranding the company from Jenka Creations to simply Jenka.

With Ryan alongside our new talented writers,
Anusha and Vladi we are embarking on an adventure to help as many companies as we can with a wide range of writing and design services.

Our goal is to help your company with marketing and establishing its brand to improve your interactions with your customer base. Contact us for more information on how we can help you generate leads
through masterful writing, graphics, and personal service to spread your online presence.

Our Story

Watch the video above to hear the story of our company!

our evolving team

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